North Wales Islamic Societies

Arabic Studies

Fourth Grade

Age group: 8-9

Main Focus:  To continue to build upon correct Qur'an reading skills with comprehension.

Learning Abilities: Able to read clearly though differences in cognizance become clearer by this grade.

Formats to Avoid: Do not structure the class into a lecture format with a lot of note-taking or pencil work. Do not make memorization of words the main focus of the instruction.

Preferred Format: Reading and writing practice with conversation drills.


Primary Textbook

Alif Baa Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds

(Georgetwon University Press ISBN: 0-87840-292-6)


Learning Arabic Parts 1-3 
By Mogi El-Din Saleh


Computer Resource

My Amazing Dictionary



Arabic language story books

(Noorart or Astrolabe)

Computer Resource

The Rosetta Stone: Arabic



Arabic Tutorial Video #1


Teacher Resource

Arabic English Dictionary


Nasheed (Songs)

Yaumiyaat Bilal


Arabic Knowledge Requirements

1. The students should be able to read the Qur'an with 5-10%+ fluency.

2. How to form questions with the formula, "A lem" or "A laysa" (Isn't it?)

3. How to use the negative formula, "Wa maa" to mean "Is not."

4. When to pause and when no pause is allowed in the reading of the Qur'anic text.

5. How to use the word "Inna" (Most certainly, indeed).

6. How to elongate and beautify certain long vowels and consonants with Sukoon.

7. Understanding the difference between Tajweed and Tarteel.

8. How to use the term Bel (Nay, no way, absolutely not).

9. Know more basic vocabulary including working knowledge of ten new verbs and ten new nouns that are drawn from the Qur'an.

Verbs: Khatam: to seal.  Athzhar: to show.  Atia: to give.   Ja'ala: to make.  Ja'a: to come.  Khalaq: to create.  'Amala: to work.  'Abada: to serve.  Sam'a: to hear.  Nasar: to help.

Nouns:  Qur'an: the Reading.  Ad Dunya: The world.  Kathzabeen: Liars.   Firaoun: Pharaoh.  Ta'am: Food.  Ruh: the spirit. Al Qamar: the moon.   Ash Shahr: The month.  Eman: Belief.  Jahanama: Hell.

10.  Prepositions to learn:  Ow: or.  Juwwa: Inside.   Fooq: Above.  Al Youm: Today.  Mithla: Like, as.  Munthzu: Since.   Tahta: Below.

11.  Introduce the present tense of verbs in a more required format.   By this grade level they should have mastered the use of the present and past tense verb forms.