North Wales Islamic Societies

Arabic Studies

Sixth Grade

Age group: 10-11

Main Focus:  To begin formal Qur'an Arabic in an academic and thematic way.  Prior levels emphasized more in the way of basic mechanics of pronunciation and simple dialogue.  From here forward the actual comprehension of the meaning will be developed.

Learning Abilities: Very good comprehension of instructions.

Formats to Avoid: Do not structure the class into a lecture format with a lot of note-taking or pencil work. Do not make memorization of words the main focus of the instruction.

Preferred Format: Oral drills coupled with practice exercises are a must.  Grammar can be practiced in writing assignments and in dialogues.


Primary Textbook

Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy



Muslim Scouts Adventures Videos in Arabic


Primary Textbook

Arabic Grammar Made Easy



Arabic Tutorial Video #3


Secondary Textbook

The Holy Qur'an in Arabic


Computer Resource

Alif ba' ta' and Yaseen


Teacher Resource

Vocabulary of the Holy Qur'an


Nasheed (Songs)

Life of the Last Prophet


Arabic Knowledge Requirements

1.  Begin teaching the imperative tense of verbs (commands).

2.  Other information taught in the textbook will be the requirement of this grade.

3.  Perfect the future tense of verb forms.  (Using the prefix, sa, to make future tenses.)

4.  Twenty new verbs from the Qur'an and/or ahadith will be chosen by the teacher and taught to the students.

5.  Students should be able to write essays in Arabic of at least 1-2 pages without too much difficulty.

6.  Qur'anic comprehension should be at least 20-30% percent, if not better.