North Wales Islamic Societies

Arabic Studies

Tenth Grade

Age group: 14-15

Main Focus:  To help the students become nearly completely proficient in the comprehension of spoken as well as written Arabic text of the common variety.

Learning Abilities: Advanced to moderate skill levels.

Formats to Avoid: Do not structure the class into a lecture format with a lot of note-taking or pencil work. Do not make memorization of words the main focus of the instruction.

Preferred Format: Translation work, reading for comprehension, reading practice, oral presentations.


Primary Textbook

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 1 (2nd half)



The Message Movie in Arabic


Primary Textbook

The Holy Qur'an in Arabic/English



Role Models

(Noorul Iman Inst.)

Secondary Textbook

Hans/ Wehr Arabic English Dictionary



Arabic/Islamic Reader 
By Raji Rammuny


Teacher Resource

Vocabulary of the Holy Qur'an


Nasheed (Songs)

Maulid Diba'i


Arabic Knowledge Requirements

1. Information taught in the textbook will be the requirement of this grade.

2.  Students should be able, by this grade level, to be considered fluent in Qur'anic Arabic.

3.  Students will be assigned five mid-length Surahs from the Qur'an.   They must study them intently and learn any words and how to use them that they do not know.