North Wales Islamic Societies

Arabic Studies

Eleventh Grade

Age group: 15-16

Main Focus:  To perfect conversational Arabic and perfect Tajweed.

Learning Abilities: Fully functional and intelligent.  Students at this age level can handle most tasks well.

Formats to Avoid: Do not structure the class into a lecture format with a lot of note-taking or pencil work. Do not make memorization of words the main focus of the instruction.

Preferred Format:  Reading practice, essay writing, translation work, the memorization and explanation of ayat and ahadith.

Primary Textbook

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Volume 2 (1st half)



Lion of the Desert Movie in Arabic


Primary Textbook

The Holy Qur'an in Arabic



Books of Ahadith

(Teacher gathered)

Secondary Textbook

Hans/Wehr Arabic English Dictionary



Poetry books in Arabic  (Rumi, Hafiz, Shirazi, Ibn Hazm, etc...)

(Various places)

Teacher Resource

Vocabulary of the Holy Qur'an


Nasheed (Songs)

Echoes of Light


Arabic Knowledge Requirements

1. Information taught in the textbook will be the requirement of this grade.

2.  Students will begin reading from the first Surah of the Qur'an and must identify and learn thirty new words this school year, as they read through the Qur'an, and master them and their usage.

3.  Students must be able to demonstrate that they can give a speech about any topic related to Islam, in Arabic.