North Wales Islamic Societies

Islamic Studies

Third Grade

Age group: 8-9

Main Focus:  Build upon previous grades and introduce more advanced information about Islam, the Prophets and the beliefs.

Learning Abilities:  More pronounced than in second grade.  Reading proficiency enters competency.

Formats to Avoid: Lectures should be avoided.

Preferred Format: The main emphasis should be on well-structured lessons which combine clear objectives, stories and illustrative anecdotes, and quotations from the Qur'an and ahadith.  Stories, activities, crafts, field trips, etc...


Primary Textbook

Weekend Islamic Studies Level 3

Teacher Resource 2

Muslim Cities: Then and Now: By Susan Douglass


Primary Textbook

Teachings of Our Prophet: 
Hadith for Children



Qur'an Enrichment

The Holy Qur'an

on CD

Secondary Textbook

My Salat Fun Book


My Ramadan Fun Pack 
(Activity Workbook)


Teacher Resource

IQRA Elementary Curriculum


Nasheed (Songs)

Allah Helps You Grow

(Sound Vision)

After the Completion of this Grade
the Students Should Know the Following:

Qur'anic Knowledge

1. Surahs Al Humazah, At Takathur, Al Zalzalah, Al Adiyat, Al Qadr, Al Qari'ah, Ayah 4:136. (English/Arabic)


1. The beliefs of Islam, as contained in the textbook are sufficient.


1. The practices of Islam, as contained in the textbook are sufficient for this grade.

2. Students will know the words to the Adhan in Arabic and English.

3. The following types of Sunnah prayers will be learned: Witr, Tarawih.

Du'a, Phrases & Hadith

1. "Yadullahi ma'al Jamaa'ti."  "The hand of Allah is with the group."  (Tirmidhi)

2.  "Tubu ilaallahi was staghfiruhu."  "Turn to Allah and ask for His forgiveness."  (Muslim)

3.  "Al 'Ilmu Khalilul Mu'minenn."  "Knowledge is a friend to believers."  *Baihaqi)

4.  "Al Kadhibu mujaanibul Eman."  "A lie weakens a person's Iman."  (Ad Daylami)

5.  "Edha ghawdiba ahadukum fal yaskut."  "When you're mad, keep quiet."  (Muslim)

6.  "Subhanullah wa bihamdihi."  "Glory to Allah and all praise is His."  (If said 100 times it gets all the minor sins forgiven- hadith

7.  "Allahumma innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fafu anni."   "O Allah, You are the forgiving and You love to forgive, so forgive me."

8.  "Man Qawla la ilaha illallah dahkala al Jannah."  "Whoever says there is no god but Allah will enter Paradise."

Akhlaq & Adab

1. The flow of the morals and manners as contained in the textbook, "Islam for Children" is sufficient for this grade.

2.  We enter the Masjid with our right foot and leave it with the left.

3.  When we finish making our Wudu we say the Shahadah.  Then we say, "Allahumma ja'alni min at tawwabin wa j'alni min al mutatahireen."  O Allah make me among the repentant and the pure."

4.  When we want to thank another Muslim for something in a special way, we say, "Jazakullahu khayran."  "Allah reward you with the best."


1. The flow of the Sirah as contained in the textbook is sufficient for this grade.


1. The story of the Gardeners from Surah 18 to illustrate the importance of "Insha'llah."


1. The various highlights and miscellaneous teachings contained in the textbook are sufficient. Teachers may add activities and stories at their discretion.