North Wales Islamic Societies

Islamic Studies

Ninth Grade

Age group: 14-15

Main Focus:  To understand the history of Islam and Muslim people from the four Khalifas who were Rightly Guided until the present day.

Learning Abilities: Advanced.

Formats to Avoid: Straight lectures.

Preferred Format: Discussion round-table, facilitative topics, individual position papers and discussion time.  Research.



Primary Textbook

The Illustrated History of Islam
(M. A. Rauf)



Atlas of the Islamic World Since 1500 by Francis Robinson


Primary Textbook

The Holy Qur'an in English and Arabic



The Arab World Notebook by Audrey Shabbas


Enrichment Activites

Beyond a Thousand and One Nights
(Literature Sampler)


Teacher Resource

Strategies and Structures for Presenting Islam and World History By Susan Douglass


Teacher Resource

Senior High Curriculum of Islamic Studies


Nasheed (Songs)

(Ahmad Tijani)


Additional Resources:

1. A 16th Century Mosque (Astrolabe)
2.  Muslims in America: Seven Centuries of History  (IBTS)
3.  Symbols of Islam  (IBTS)
4.  Women of the Muslim Middle Ages  (AWAIR)

After the Completion of this Grade
the Students Should Know the Following:

Qur'anic Knowledge

1. Surahs Al Takwir, 'Abasa.  Specific Ayat: 24:54-56, 8:20-28, 5:116-120, 4:135-141, 36: 33-50, 55:56-78. (English/Arabic)


1.  Islam is able to adapt and survive in any cultural environment.


1.  The prayer of istikhara, iti'qaf, 2 rak'a when returning from a journey

Du'a, Phrases & Hadith

1.  "Aayatul munaafiqi thalaatha edha haddatha kadhaba wa edha wa'ada akhlafa wa edha owtumena khaan."  "The signs of a hypocrite are three: when he speaks, he lies, when he promises, he breaks his promise, when he is trusted, he betrays."  (Bukhari)

2.  "Al mar-u deeni khalili fal yantur ahadukum man yukhaalil."  "A person follows his friend's deen, so each of you should be careful who you befriend."  (Ahmad)

3.  "Al hasabu a'malin."  "Goodness is in the actions."  (Ahmad)

4.  "La Tagh dab."  "Don't get angry."   (Bukhari)

5.  "La yu-minu ahadukum hatta yuhibba li akhihi ma yuhibbu li nafsihi."  "A person isn't a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."  (Bukhari)

Akhlaq & Adab

1.  When we see our face in a mirror, we should say, "Allahumma anta hassanta khalqi fa hassin khuluqi."  "O Allah, You made my creation good so make my character good also."


1.  The entire panorama of Muslim history will be explored from pre-Islamic Arabia until modern times.


  1.  Muslims have a long history in the Americas.  Explore the presence of Muslims here from pre-Columbus times.