North Wales Islamic Societies

Islamic Studies

Eleventh Grade

Age group: 16-17

Main Focus:  To understand how to relate Islam in a world filled with multiple religions and belief systems.  The beliefs of the world will be examined as well as the Islamic response to each.

Learning Abilities: There is not much difference in ability from here up until 12th grade.  The students are young adults and are able to think and decide anything for themselves.  The only thing that is lacking is the wisdom that comes from life experience.

Formats to Avoid: Do not lecture on mundane or technical topics.  Too many Muslim teachers conduct their classes for older grade levels like they were teaching an advanced course in Fiqh gymnastics to scholars.   The relevance and beauty of Islam in daily life is what they need to have presented.  At the same time, don't spend too much time "going over the basics" unless you will do it in a unique and interesting way.

Preferred Format:   Mixture of lecture, discussion and free exchange of ideas.



Primary Textbook

How to Tell Others About Islam
By Yahiya Emerick



The Sun is Rising From the West 
By S. Muzafar and Betty Batul Bowman


Primary Textbook

The Holy Qur'an in English and Arabic



Jesus: A Prophet of Islam
By M. A. Ur-Rahim


Enrichment Reference

A Guide to the Contents of the Holy Qur'an

(Al Meezan)


The Choice Volumes 1-2 
By Ahmad Deedat


Teacher Resource

Islam and World Religions 
By M. Barlevi


Nasheed (Songs)

Maulid Diba'e


Additional Resources:

1.  The Myth of the Cross. Ajijola  (IBTS)
2.  A Catholic and a Protestant Bible
(find multiple versions RSV, KJV, etc..
3.  A Book of Mormon.
4.  A Jewish Torah

(These are for religious comparison)

After the Completion of this Grade
the Students Should Know the Following:

Qur'anic Knowledge

1. Surah An Naba'.  Specific Ayat: 18:45-49, 3:110, 2:284-286, 3:135, 2:204-210, 10:104-109, 36:68-83. (English/ Arabic)


1.  Islam is the final way of Life Allah revealed for humanity.   All previous Prophets taught Islam, or surrender to Allah's will.  The name Islam, however, was given as the title of Allah's last deen to the earth.


1.  Janazah Salah in greater detail along with the prayer of praise, or subh.

Du'a, Phrases & Ahadith

1.  "Maan satara musliman satarahul lahu youmal Qiyamati."   "Whoever covers up (the fault) of a Muslim, Allah will cover one of his faults on the Day of Resurrection."  (Bukhari)

2.  "La Yaq'udu qowmun yadhkuroonallaha illa haffathumul mala'ikatu wagh sheethumul rahmatu wa nazalat 'alayhumul sakinatu wa dhakarahumul llahu feeman 'indahu."  "There is no sitting of people remembering Allah except that the angels will surround them, mercy covers them, peace descends upon them and Allah mentions them to those near Him."  (Muslim)

3.  Before starting a journey in a vehicle or on a horse, etc...   "Subahanal lathze sakharalana hatha, wa maa kunna lahu muqrineena  wa inna ilaa rabbina lamunqalibun."  "Glory to the One who put this in our power, though we couldn't have done it (without His help)  We will certainly return to our Lord." 

Classical Poetry to Memorize

1.  Muhammad 'Attar Nayshaburi. From: The Flight of Birds to Union (Mantiq al Tayr) composed in the 1100's

They observed a Presence without qualification and description.

Beyond Perception, reason and Understanding.

If the spark of His Self-Sufficiency were to be cast,

A hundred worlds would burn in one moment.

A hundred thousand esteemed suns,

A hundred thousand moons and stars, even more.

They observed them all in wonder,

Coming like atoms in a dance.

Akhlaq & Adab

1.  How to behave in the presence of non-Muslims.  How to greet them and kindness directed towards them.

2.  The rights of non-Muslims in Islam.


1.  Detail aspects of the Sirah showing the interaction between Rasulullah and Jews and Christians.


1.  The stories of the following Prophets/People should be taught in an interesting way. The students can take turns reading from selections which the teacher will hand out or provide.

A.  Prophets 'Esa and Musa's life will be studied in great detail along with interfaith issues.


1.  Students will learn how to handle even the most outrageous charges leveled by missionaries against Islam and the blessed Prophet.